I believe all sessions and wedding days, unique unto their own, are beautiful.  That light halo around you that illuminates your hair and softly kisses your skin and every detail so meticulously picked out.

I believe in heirlooms.  The moments that you will cherish for a lifetime and creating portraits worthy of being generational heirlooms that can be passed down for years to come, in getting things off your harddrives.

I believe in real life. It's messy and wonderful all at the same time - it's also why you have an open invitation to come over for drinks. And with Matt by my side to approach the day with his artistic, editorial eye he can capture those organic candid moments while I'm getting those key shots for you and the family walls.

I believe in being yourself.  I want to capture you as you. That big belly laugh that, trust me, is f*ing amazing to witness.  Your tenderness with one another.  And your silliness.  And we will be silly with you!  I'm just a dork but Matt is the funny one with the witty humor and will make you laugh, or you'll just be laughing with me at him.
(It's normal - don't feel bad lol)

Most importantly, I believe our differences as a team come together to create
an unforgettable experience for our clients.

it's about believing in something

how i work

          If, after perusing the galleries, you find yourself wanting, craving images like we create then we want you to send us a shout out!  Say hello.  From there we'd love to take you out for coffee and get to know you better and let you get to know us.  And don't worry, there's always Skype for those long distance relationships. 


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from the small town of New Braunfels

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