Morgan & Ruslana | California Dreamin’ Engagement

  The Epitome of a California Dreamin’ Engagement Session


Matt and I sat outside a little coffee shop in Venice waiting to meet Morgan and Ruslana for their wedding consultation and Matt suddenly says to me: “A dude is walking up with a girl and he’s wearing a Bob’s Burgers shirt!  I hope that’s them!”  Sure enough, Matt was looking at Morgan and Ruslana.

We all headed inside for a cooler table and some drinks and began chattin.  I think Matt was having a little boy crush with all the pop culture references going on. Plus, we may have also talked about a slight Dexter resemblance on the way home.  (Lol sorry Morgan!  I’m sure you hear that far too often!)   But while we were chatting with Ruslana and Morgan, they mentioned really wanting to showcase where they were living in their engagement photographs. So, what better way than using the Culver City mural California Dreamin’!

C. elyse photos black and white film holding hands

C. elyse photos couple california dreamin  C. elyse photos couples kiss engagement  C. elyse photos engagement couple laughing  C. elyse photos black and white film engagement C. elyse photos closeup couple engagement session  C. elyse photos smiling bride to be  C. elyse photos couples engagement ring C. elyse photos engagement mens details watch    C. elyse photos couples engagement details         

We started their session there and their wardrobe couldn’t have been anymore perfect!  Check out Ruslana and Morgan, they created the perfect palette for these portraits with their wardrobe.

C. elyse photos purple engagement sessionC. elyse photos intertwined couples arms closeupC. elyse photos intertwined couple in purple and whiteC. elyse photos purple and white engagement couples embraceC. elyse photos color blocking engagement session

From there we then proceeded to Santa Monica where we meandered through Tongva Park.  We walked the pathways, Morgan & Ruslana danced in the beehives overlooking the Santa Monica Pier, played in some bougainvillea, and lounged amongst “Morty” the lovingly named Moreton Bay Fig Tree (Also known as an Australian Banyan Tree).

C. elyse photos film black and white woman in dressC. elyse photos engagement couple walking through palm treesC. elyse photos light and airy film lookC. elyse photos engagement couple park sunsetC. elyse photos engagement details    C. elyse photos engagement couple walk pathC. elyse photos woman in bougainvillea    C. elyse photos woman in bougainvilleaC. elyse photos engagement couple on Morty tree

After a stroll through Tongva Park we crossed the street and walked down Palisades Park on Ocean Ave. (I can literally hear Yellowcard playing right now and probably just showed how old I am).  The sun fell into twilight with the wind playing in Ruslana’s hair at the California Incline where Ocean ave meets Hwy 1.  It was the perfect end to the epitome of a California Dreamin’ engagement session.

C. elyse photos engagement couple beach sunset     C. elyse photos engagement couple sit embrace hold C. elyse photos engagement couple film look C. elyse photos engagement couple blue hour beach sunset C. elyse photos engagement couple laugh in wind

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