Hello & Welcome Everyone!

Hello & welcome to the new site everyone!

(And Monday Meet Up!)

You’ll see we have officially converted over to C. elyse photos as well.  For about a year, my site has been in a temporary limbo hold.  My web host updated and I lost the functionality of half the template site I had been using. *Insert head on desk gesture as dramatic as possible*.   I brought Matt on as a second photographer and put up a temporary site that might serve as a placeholder, got pregnant, had a baby, got pregnant again!, had another baby lol.  So, the site sat in limbo.


But today I get to say welcome to the new website and the rebrand!  I’ll still be updating galleries to reflect stylistic changes but as one can imagine, having a 13 month old and an almost three month old, getting lots and lots of computer time is a luxury that I place on editing client galleries first.


A little bit about how we got here:

As Matt and I have worked together more we have come to the realization that a shared site just won’t cut it.  His style is different than mine.  He edits more towards the darker, dramatic, and moodier (much like himself to be honest lol) and my heart gravitates towards what in our industry we call light & airy. You’ll still see pops of color and emotionally dramatic images, I just really love all that light.  Hell, it’s why I like every wall in the house painted a shade of white.  So, I hope you all continue to love what gets put out because the road to getting here has been a long, hard, beaten down one at times.  The lyrics to Alan Jackson’s “Long Hard Road” about sum it up.


I’ve had to let go of a lot of “the rules” that I learned, let go of setting myself up to shoot what didn’t really make my heart happy because I didn’t want to not appeal to someone’s tastes, and I honestly have a hard time letting go of showing images I do love that don’t fit what I want my brand to be either.  I’m starting fresh – with giving myself some grace in still being able to show that older work I do love on this blog that I hopefully won’t neglect.  I’ve put on my big girl panties that have a giant “fuck it” across the tush (that might be one of my favorite words – and maybe I’ll write post on that one day for Monday Meet ups) and I’m putting work out there that reflects the brand I’ve been wanting to have but haven’t had the guts to pursue and I’m going for it.


I’m going for it because I want it, because my client’s deserve the real me, because my client’s deserve a set style, and because the past three years have been really fucking hard and really amazing too and I deserve to be true to myself.  We all deserve that.


And if you want to see my inspiration board for the site here it is.  How did I do?

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